Monday, 31 March 2014

ANU - University pathway courses

If you are planning to pursue a course in business, mass media or any other professional front then what you need most is the command over English language. English proficiency is a must requirement for a successful career. It’s not just spoken English, written English is also very important. Every schools and colleges have basic and advanced courses for their students. Good communication skills are the essence to find a quality job in any corner of the world. As English is spreading its wings around the world but still there are many countries, where it’s not the most famous one. China, Japan, Russia are some of the countries where English is not so famous. It’s not necessary that you have learned English from childhood than only you should be proficient in English.

Suppose you are applying for a course in a foreign country, but you have some loose ends regarding the spoken language i.e. English. Then you can also opt for a basic or advanced English language courses. If you are good in English but you want to improve it more, then you can also opt for such courses. In today’s scenario proficiency in English is the necessary criteria for admissions. Bur don’t worry it will not be a barrier in your education, as many universities are allowing students to study in their institute and side by side you can also purse their English language course. There are many Uni pathway courses to university programs available for you. ANU College (Australian national university) offer two course forming a pathway to university programs. It allows students to continue their studies of respective programs, with the English course smoothly and effectively. Each course is conducted twice a year, allowing students to improve their English in time for university commencement. Following are the two courses offered by ANU:

ANU access English preparation helps students to improve their proficiency in English for further university studies and other academic fronts. This 12 week course is offered twice a year. You have the opportunity to enroll for this course with the commencement of your regular undergraduate and post graduate classes.

The aim of this course is to improve English speaking and writing skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, note taking and discussion.

To be eligible for this course one should have an IELTS band score of 5.5 (minimum 5.0) in all bands. One should meet all other academic entry requirement for ANU and this course is offered to the students with direct entry only.

ANU access English course has a 99% success rate. It helps students to develop English skills. It gives more emphasis on tutorial making, note-taking and researching.

If you are medicine student then you have to provide evidence of your English language ability for which the requirement is IELTS band score of 6.0.

If you are a Law student at ANU then IELTS band score should be 6.5.

So if you are coming to ANU then the tuition fees for these University pathway courses are $5000 (Access English preparation) and $5200 for Access English course respectively.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Enhance Your Career Option With An Associate Degree

Getting associate degrees through numerous distance learning programs is turning into an ordinary practice with a number of people internationally. In fact, these types of programs assist in jumping into a great career after 2 years, the time acquired to obtain associate degrees. There are different types of associate degrees offered by so many professional and reputed colleges. If you want to get an Associate Degree Business, then you can apply for the same by choosing any of the professional colleges in your local area as well as internationally. 

Different options
These degrees are normally considered as undergraduate degrees of a 2 year education. Common bachelor degrees that are provided acquire 4 years in order to complete. A number of students prefer to get an education in Associate Degree Science andTechnology field for 2 years and then carry on with the undergraduate degree in the future. Getting an associate degree in different fields based on your needs and preferences, allow you to start a professional career as soon as possible.
There is no need of waiting 4 years for your graduate degree to complete so that you can start your career and looking for a job in any specific field. There are different fields of study for such associate degrees offered by colleges and universities. For this, you need to know about your interests and needs so that you can opt for any associate degree accordingly to start on. You can check the wide range of fields offered by universities and colleges like engineering, arts, technology, applied science, applied business, political science, fine arts, science, nursing and many others.
Select the best college
Once you are done with your needs and interests, you have selected the required option to get an associate degree, the next step you need to take is to find out the best and professional college or university that provides your required course you want. There are lots of colleges or universities available around the world that offers you the option of getting distance learning courses and start your career in just 2 years, but you need to explore the best and secure college or university like Colleges ACT. You can get references from your known people and also take the help from the internet service as almost all the colleges or universities have made their presence on the internet so that they can reach their prospective clients in an easy and fast manner. You must do some proper researches about them on the internet.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Foundation Course In Australia: - Expand Your Horizons

Education is one creative process that has lasting benefits throughout a lifetime. Quality education is important which you will only get from the best institutions. The school, college or university which you are going to choose will add more value to your education and will also aid you in the progress and development of the society. Thus, it is important that you choose the best institute for your education programs. If you are looking for the Foundation in Australia then there are some of the best colleges that you can choose.

Why Australian Institutes Are Recommended
 There are many reasons why an Australian education system is recommended such as it emphasizes on providing the qualities, knowledge, attitude buildings, and skills and builds a strong foundation for the students. Studying in Australian institutes can be an overwhelming and unique experience for many of the students as they promote creative thinking and new ways of teaching are explored all the time. There are several courses which are being provided and there are plenty of career options to choose from. Foundation course in Australia is having huge success rates.
You can visit the website of the college where you will be able to explore different programs to choose from. On the website you are also going to find the information on how to  apply?, Requirements, payment options, terms and conditions and all the vital information you need to know regarding the programs you want to apply for. Foundation expresses Australia study programs have been specially designed to provide the students   with the ANU programs.