Thursday, 9 October 2014

An intro of foundation programs in Australia

There are quite a few people who question the very existence of foundation express courses that are being offered in countries like UK and Australia. However, the majority of the so called opponents of these courses are not very much aware of what these programs are all about. Benefit of such courses then becomes a different subject matter altogether. So, if you are finding yourself in a similar type of situation and do not know much about the program, then read on to equip yourself with the right information, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you should go for it or not.

What is a foundation program?


It is basically a UK-inspired study courses that has been designed and developed to help students fill the gap that they find existing between their current qualification levels and the qualification that is required to take admission in the university and degree of their choice in the future. The courses act as a bridge between international universities and international students who wish to go for higher studies in countries like UK and Australia. The courses are designed in such a manner that they compliment any sort of skill or knowledge or qualification that you might be currently finding yourself short of after having finished your high school. The courses are especially useful for students coming from education systems which are different from that of Australian universities. So, if you are coming from a different country and not very much aware of the education system of Australian system, then you must take up these courses before seeking admission at Australian universities as it will not only help you align yourself to the education system that is being adopted by Australian universities but also align your existing qualification to the higher degree programs that you wish to go for in the future.

The duration of such programs is usually not more than one academic year. However, if you happen to be in a bit of hurry then you can go for the intensive 4 and 6 months programs, which are especially designed for those people who wish to complete their programs at a fast rate. The courses are designed for foreign as well as local students, regardless of the place of their origin. However, if you belong to a nation which does not have English as its first language, then you can go for language courses as well.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Foundation courses is Canberra

Foundation Studies in Canberra for International Students

In Australia, education system is very supportive for every student either national or international. Foundation Studies are being very helpful for international students. Many times, international students do not initially meet entry requirements to get admission for undergraduate study at Australian universities and colleges. In such conditions, to fulfill the criteria some foundation courses are provided for students so that they can get admission for further studies. The foundation courses in Canberra are offered to all students with a promise that they will get admission/place at university after successful completion of the course.

Advantages of Foundation Courses and Qualifications

In Canberra, students are benefited of studying foundation course in different ways. Let’s discuss the advantages for students of studying and completing these courses successfully. First of all, a successful completion of a foundation course may guarantee students for their entry into specific degree courses at some Australian universities. Secondly, these types of courses allow students to settle in to the Australian education system. This means they get help in adapting lifestyle and study pattern of Australia universities and colleges. Generally, foundation courses are offered as concentrated one-year preparatory courses. Sometimes, this duration can be altered according to or depending on the needs of students. Some students are capable of go faster when it comes to learning, so they may be able to complete such programs in nine months or less than a year. On other hand, some courses may be lengthened and require more time. And that is why students may need more time to prepare for their university courses. Another advantage of foundation courses is that some of such courses have a flexible structure and pattern. This allows students to enter at different times during the year. There are different courses of different standards of English language or academic competency. The courses include different subjects and streams. These streams are business or science studies and management and art etc. There can be some compulsory and elective subjects. Especially English language support is often a major focus of foundation courses. In Australian Universities and Colleges in Canberra, the types of foundation courses are offered in university-style teaching through lectures and tutorials. This helps international students to get familiar with this way of learning, and feel prepared for their Degree course.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pathway Courses to University Programs in Canberra

Pathway Courses – For Further Studies

Education system has spread wings with broader support in many contexts. It is important for people to find best job opportunity in future. And now days, there are several degree program courses with specialization programs. This is because in a resume employers ask for specialization in related field before hiring a candidate. Well, different types of courses and programs are offered for students/candidates. In this blog, we are discussing about Pathway Courses to University in Canberra. If you are not eligible or do not meet the requirements for direct entry into a University, do not worry! There are several pathway programs and courses are available. These pathway courses will help you get where you want to be.

If you want to take admission in university for degree program or for further study, you have to complete foundation courses. The Foundation Courses are designed to prepare students for further study. But, in any case, if any student does not meet all the admission requirements for his/her undergraduate degree then a foundation degree allows that student to get the skills he/she needs. For example, there may be lack of language proficiency that is countable in admission requirements.

Purposeful Pathway Courses

The type of pathway Courses are designed for students so that they develop their skills. These courses enable students to make the transition into university study as easy as possible. Many options are available that students can pursue. And, the successful complete of such program or course can lead students to enter in to a degree level course in university. In ANU College, English Pathway Courses to University programs are offered. Students do have option of getting admission in a package of two courses or say dual course. This dual course is to form a pathway to ANU. This course includes Access English Preparation plus Access English; this allows students to transition seamlessly to further studies at ANU. Access English Preparation course has duration of 12 week. It is focused on improving student’s general English proficiency in an academic setting. And, Access English Course in stand-alone 10-week course that helps in emphasizing on research and tutorial skills. Such course allows students to improve their English in time for university commencement, as each course is conducted twice a year.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Broader Education System Support in Canberra


Colleges under Australian Capital Territory

ACT is abbreviation of Australian Capital Territory. Capital of country Australia, Canberra is to be found in the ACT. Being a real diverse place offering all multi-ethnic or cosmopolitan facility, Canberra also offers very broader education support. It has been recognized as one of the best planned cities in the world where the recognizably famous university is located. Yes, the Australian National University also known as ANU. This highest ranked university in Australia has occupied 27th position in the world. This fact is according to the 2013 QS World University Rankings.

Colleges offering several courses/degree programs in Canberra

As Canberra is located in ACT, there are several colleges and institutes offer high-quality education system. Not only national students but international students and candidates also come in state to join colleges for further studies.  They can experience a healthy and safe place to concentrate on their studies. International students find this place convenient to stay for further studies, along with national students, due to the benefits offered by state considering basic requirements. First of all, they can afford the amount of getting admission and studying in universities or colleges in Canberra, Australia. Secondly, this place offers excellent public bus system that gives services in entire ACT. For students, there are discounts on traveling through public transportation system. And also, they get freedom of choice of routes. Apart from this, there are great cycling network paths, services of taxis and trains are available too. Coming on one of the most important considerations for students/candidates, the cost of living is very economical. Students will easily get wide options of comfortable and convenient accommodation. There is no struggle when it comes to hygienic and nutritious food as well. There are some additional expenses as well such as buying text books, note-books, using internet and etc. So, such things are also available on discounted rates for students. Colleges in Canberra offer great options of choosing different subjects for degree certificates or programs. There are well-designed Foundation Course Programs. Students will also get options of pursuing fast track courses that not only saves money but saves time as well. Vocational courses or occupational courses can be pursued by students as per their interests so that they gain practical knowledge of working-environment and enhance their skills as well. By using internet as a source, interested students/candidates can collect complete details regarding courses, programs, facilities offered in colleges.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fast Track Courses in Australia

Education – an investment for people

Education pattern has changed a lot in so contemporary time. For people getting education has become a type of investment considering their future. People expect heavy returns out of what they pay to get educational certificate or qualifications. They expect returns of not only the money they paid for a degree program but also the precious time (years) they have spent. Now days, every field requires a specialization. Until you have no specialization or degree in the subject, you may not get the job opportunity or you may not get a desirable designation or you may have to compromise with the salary amount. That is why people are heading towards an education pattern that has become fast track. Yes, several fast track courses are offered for students.

Foundation Fast Track Course/ Degree Program in Australia

In Australia, recognized universities and institutes are offering foundation courses on fast track basis. Fast track courses mean completing foundation course of degree program in lesser time than regular. A person can simply finish his degree much sooner. These foundation and degree program courses are also known as accelerated degree programs. These programs not only save students’ time but also save their money on fee. All expenses get reduced for example, completing a course sooner helps in saving money on accommodation and other expenses that a student bears while staying abroad or away from hometown for studies. The most important benefits of doing a fast track course in Australia, is that it helps in heading to employment sooner. Fast track courses are acknowledged as regular courses. However, there are some employers those only prefer regular course degrees. So, there may be situations where candidates may need to convince employers that their fast-track degree has the same value as a longer course. In Australia, fast track degree programs are offered that hold same value as standard degree courses have. Another benefit of such courses is that students can use the summer for work, internships etc. Along with academic and course studies, institutes aim to enhance practical knowledge and skills of each candidate. This certainly helps candidates to understand the working atmosphere; they get a chance to understand how a business organization actually works and what hurdles they may get to cop-up with. Now days, as employers cite the high quality of education, earlier specialization in specific subject areas, courses are designed in manner considering the need for students to be self-motivated and complete more independent study.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Professional foundation studies

About ANU

ANU is the most trusted and reputed university in country Australia. It is considered as one of the leading place for foundation course studies. Each and every year so many students come here for studying foundation courses offered by this university.  It offers a wide range of foundation courses which are very much important in professional field these days. All three courses are in English language. This is for the reason that , one can find students from all around the world come here for studies, so it become easy for the professors and mentors to teach all of them in a language which is known as universally common. It has a vast experience of so many years for graduating top class students with higher ranking. It has name in top of the list for some of the worlds’ best academic institutes for foundation courses. One can easily reach the university form any part of t he city as it is very well connected with public transport, so that students who are coming from another place, will also not find any difficulty in finding it. The college campus provides many facilities and services to the students. All the class rooms are hi-tech, which are well equipped with modern information technologically advanced systems. In any of the learning place it is very important to have a good system for communication in between the students and professors or mentors. You will get world class standard of communication techniques while studying here.

English language courses

For all the students who are getting admission in this university they provide a self directing English tutorial course, by which they become able to communicate with their teachers easily. It is one of the most important and very useful things for all the students who don’t know English language.  Those who belong to some other location find this idea very interesting and very useful for them. There are degree programs in wide ranging fields. All the courses are divided into some categories like FS extended semester 1, 2 and 3. When a student completes all of these semesters with good ranking, he or she becomes eligible for choosing undergraduate degree programs of his or her desire.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An overview of foundation programs

ANU foundation programs have become quite a popular option among aspiring students these days who wish to study and consequently settle in a country like Australia. These types of programs actually draw their inspirations from UK based foundation programs which are designed and developed with an objective of filling the gap that exists between the current qualifications levels and the knowledge that is required to get admission into a top quality Bachelor’s degree programs in the university or college of your choice. These programs are designed in such a manner that they easily complement any knowledge or qualification that you might find yourself lacking after having finished your high school. Another major benefit that these sorts of programs offer to students is that they acquaint students coming from different cultural, educational and societal backgrounds such as Asia and Africa to align their skills and knowledge to the country’s education system. This time period, therefore, helps such students adjust to the new environment in a much better manner.

Most of foundation programs offered at colleges like ANU are of a period of one year. However, you can also take up a 6 months intensive course. These types of programs are specifically available for those people who want to wrap up such courses in a short period of time. The programs are designed especially for foreign students who are not very much aware of the educational system of the new country they are arriving in. The programs include language courses for students belonging to nations which have language other than English as their main language. However, foundation courses for local students do not include language programs.

However, there are certain types of foundation courses which are pretty generic in nature. These types of programs are designed for the purpose of preparing students in the field of study they wish to make their careers. For instance, if you have plans to make a career in the field of business, fashion or photography, then you can take up a foundation course related to that particular field. In this way, you will be able to prepare yourself for a future degree program at the University of your Choice in the coming years. But what you need to be aware of is the fact that foundation program does not award you any degree. You will instead get a certificate upon completion of such courses which will be awarded by the ANU College.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Foundation Express Courses in Australia

Education-pattern has changed a lot. It has opened many options for students and candidates of any age group. This has made easier for people to select a subject of their interests. And this leads them to pursue a profession of their choice. There are countless job-professions and every profession requires an eligible specialization certificate course to get in to it. In contemporary time, Foundation Express Course in Australia is proved very useful. As time goes by, everything is becoming speedy. Everything is becoming express. So does education!

In Australia, foundation express course or a degree is a degree level qualification. It combines academic study with work place learning. This type of course is designed very carefully considering every important aspects related to candidates and studies. The course is designed in association with employer so that candidates or students can be qualified and equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge. The course is designed keeping in mind that students can achieve academic results as well as improve their performance in the work place. The foundation express course in Australia helps students to improve their productivity in the work place along with their academic results.

Let’s have a quick look on benefits from Foundation Express Courses provided in Australia:

•    Focuses on improving academic results
•    Focuses on improving performance and productivity in work place
•    Helps in increasing technical skills
•    Expertise-professionally skilled staff
•    Gives freedom to choose suitable time to study - part-time or full-time
•    Hand-on work experience
•    Fast track courses
•    Affordable courses
•    Suitable for students wish to enter the course directly from high school as well as for working professionals who wants to gain additional qualifications in their chosen-area

Coming to the entry requirements in the foundation express course Australia, well, there are no such set entry requirements. The requirements, if any, may vary from institute to institute. The best way to get complete detail is certainly to visit at the campus and inquire. The ever-in-presence and always accessible internet is the best source to search for the available options. The type of foundation courses are offered in universities and institutes to provide students with the appropriate academic preparation for the intended degree programs also. Once, all the requirements are up-to the mark the chosen undergraduate degree program is guaranteed-given.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Best colleges in the city for your career

Education has always been considered extremely important for any person’s career and without this it would be difficult for an individual to find his or her place in the world. No matter how carefully you plan for your career and your education if you do not get access to a good quality of education, a good career would not be forthcoming. That is why, you should never compromise on the education that you get and always strive to get admission in the best university and the best colleges. But when you start working towards it you realize how many obstacles come forward on the surface. One such obstacle would be competition because everyone would be striving for admission into the best universities such as the Australian National University.

The one way you can ensure that you get a place in this university in the course of your choice is by signing up for pathway programs. These are offered by colleges in Canberra and they are very good opportunities for a good quality of education and a secure future with a settled career. Such colleges have the potential to impart education that makes the students ready to take their place in the world. The education that you receive here would give you a competitive edge over the others who are vying for the same place. The ANU College provides effective pathway programs which would help students get entry into this university which helps unleash their talent and kick start a great career. The college has immense resources at its disposal and so good quality of education would be ensured.

The college offers various courses from different areas of subjects and domains. Pathway programs are a good option because one can get access to not just a good quality of education but also to the best universities and consequently a good standard of education. In future when you would seek employment with companies and look for job opportunities then you would find that this education would come in very handy and would also impress your future employers to a large degree. There are other colleges in ACT but this is one of the best that also gives students to other opportunities for their career. Apart from associate degrees they also offer foundation programs for students from different backgrounds especially international students for learning English.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pathway programs: your path to a better future

A career is one of the first things that people try to build for themselves as soon as they complete their education. But to be able to get a good career you would need a very solid foundation which can only be received when you have a firm and good quality of education. Whether you want to get a job with a great and multinational company or whether you want to start a venture of your own, if you have the right education and the right guidance from a mentor you will be able to achieve everything that you desire. With your career other aspects of your life would also start growing. However, before you can reach further ahead or up, you need to come back to the basics and work on your education.

The best way to get an education of very good quality is to make sure that you get associated with the right university or college. The Australian National University is one of the best ranked universities not just in the country but also in the world. It figures that there would be limited seats and that there would be an immense fight to get admission into this university for the course of study of your choice. Many students from abroad also seek admission here for the same reasons. For all students who want to make sure that they have a smooth academic journey uni pathway courses can be a very good starting step. With the help of such pathway programs you can get entry into the University of your Choice which would then act as a launch pad for a very successful career.

The Uni pathway courses in Canberra are run by ANU College which is essentially the best college for doing your associate degree and which enables students from Australia and from abroad to secure a seat in the course of their choice. Through this foundation course you will be able to work on different aspects of your education such as your communication skills, basics of the subject in which you want to continue your studies and even preparing yourself for life at the university. These uni pathway programs last for a duration of two years and are designed to help students cope and become familiar with what they would be facing during the time they are engaged in the full term course.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Get your education and your career wings

A carefully planned and well organized career is every person’s dream. But when you start working towards it you realize how many obstacles come forward on the surface. One of the biggest challenges that you would face in your lifetime would be to get a good quality of education which can only be received from a university or college of good reputation. Such colleges have the potential to impart education that makes the students ready to take their place in the world. Education is very important when you want to have a competitive edge over the others who are vying for the same place. Considering this, good quality of education is of prime importance in such matters and it can decide how far you would be going in your success as a professional.

One of the best universities for education in Australia is the Australian National University or the ANU as it is called commonly. It has been consistently ranked among the top and best universities of not just Australia but even the world. This university would be a very good platform for students who want to learn practical skills and who want to get a leap ahead of the others. The ANU College provides effective pathway programs which would help students get entry into this university which helps unleash their talent and kick start a great career. It has been rated amongst the best colleges in Canberra city. It has immense resources at its disposal and in this manner it becomes possible to make use of them to help students get good education.

The college offers various courses from different areas of subjects and domains. You can get degrees and associate degrees from the college and then find your way into the university. Through pathway programs one can get access to not just a good quality of education but also to the best universities and consequently a good standard of education. This would be crucial in deciding what kind of a career one has. There are other colleges in ACT but this is one of the best that also gives students to other opportunities for their career. Students who enroll here would be able to prepare themselves well for their years at the University. You can explore foundation courses which are especially good for international students who want to work on their English language skills.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

How the foundation studies can help you in building a good future?

We all our concern about our futures or the future of our beloved ones. We take proper steps to make sure that we have a good, secure future. It requires proper education to have a proper job in future or you must be a master in the field of your interest. In both the cases the common thing is communication, no matter what you are doing and where you are going, you will require a language to communicate with others.

In today's time, English is considered as the most common language used by everyone to communicate with others. People are studying this language so that they won't face any problem in their future. But still some of us don't have the privilege of studying this language in our childhood due to which are we  are not as fluent in reading, writing or speaking English as we should be.

In order to overcome this gap and to enhance our English skills we need some foundation course, so that we can easily learn it, in minimum time and then move forward in our lives without facing any problem. Foundation course in Canberra offers you a easy way of learning in the time period of two semesters or three semesters, which will help you in getting direct admissions in the universities for your higher studies.

Foundation studies in Canberra offers two courses, one is standard comprises of two semesters and another one is extended course which comprises of three semesters. Each of these courses are conducted twice in a year in order to provide students options to improve their English and few other subjects as well which they have to study in the university.

These foundation courses in Canberra develops a basic understanding of the subjects which the students are going to study later on in the university.

Students have to attend at least 20 hours of face to face classes in a week in these courses and the rest of the time is given for completing their assignments and for their self study. They are required to score at least 50% marks in order to pass the examination, then only they can move to the second semester. They have to pass in all the subjects, then only they will be certified for getting an admission in the university.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Your career path is carved out for you

The secret to a great and tasty dish is in the recipe. The secret to a great and successful career is in the amount of hard work you put in and the foundation of your education. A successful career requires the firm foundation of education. With this you would be able to learn the basics and the intricate details of field that you have selected. As important as it is to choose your field of work carefully you also have to be very careful in the decision you make to complete your education. The quality of education is a very important consideration in the matter of your career. While your academic degree can be very useful in helping you prepare for the right career it is equally important that you should have a firm and strong foundation skill and knowledge about your field.

Australian National University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, offers the best education not just in the country but also in the world. You can get a place in the university through the foundation courses in Australia which makes it easy for even the international students to get accustomed to the English language. This kind of training is important for them so that they can master the reading and writing portions. For international students these skills are very important. If one’s grip on the language is not strong then it would very difficult to understand what is being taught in the class, to work on the assignments and even to study from the course material and text books. In this manner, foundation in Australia can be laid for a solid career by making your way up from the basics.

A lot of students have seen benefits from these foundation courses in Australia. Since the Austraian study environment is very conducive for international students many people come here from different parts of the world to pursue a good quality education. The country has some of the best universities that offer degrees in a range of courses in different fields of study. In some cases these foundation courses are also university requirements. This is basically so that the authorities are confident of the student’s ability to comprehend the language. In light of these entry requirements it would be beneficial to enroll for the foundation in Australia before you get to University full time. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Build a solid foundation for your career

Building a solid career is every person’s dream and it is something that every person covets. However a good and a sustainable career depend on many factors and one of them is the kind of education you have. A good quality of education is of prime importance in such matters and it can decide how far you would be going in your success as a professional. This is the reason why people strive to get into good colleges and universities. One of the best universities for education in Australia is the Australian National University. ANU has been consistently ranked among the top and best universities of not just Australia but even the world. From this, one can imagine how hard it would be to secure a place in this educational institution.

But for those who are willing to work hard there are ways by which one can ensure a place at such prestigious universities. Through pathway programs one can get access to not just a good quality of education but also to the best universities and consequently a good standard of education. This would be crucial in deciding what kind of a career one has. The most efficient pathway program for foundation studies in Canberra can be found at the ANU College. This is a premier institute that offers degree and associate degree programs. Students who enroll here would be able to prepare themselves well for their years at the University. For this reason it is considered as a very good pathway program and it sees many students vying for admission every year. You can get admission in the foundation course in Canberra and then study your way through the college and into university. The courses offered here are in different streams like management, languages or even science. The language foundation course in Canberra in particular is very popular among international students who get an opportunity to work on their comprehension and communication skills.

Likewise the other courses also help the students in strengthening their hold on the basics and thus improve their grasp on the knowledge related to the subject of their choice. ANU college has built a very good reputation for itself for offering the most planned and though out foundationcourses in Canberra. It is the first preference of students who are choosing the pathway programs to get into university.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How Uni pathway courses can help you in learning English?

Human beings are social beings and they always need someone to talk to, they can't stay alone forever. And in order to have communicate with others so that they can express them and can understand their feelings, they need a common language. Having a common language helps in easy and effective communication with each other and in today's time English is being considered as the most common language, used for communication purposes.

Some of us know how to communicate using English language as the medium. But there are people who doesn't know how to read, write or speak English, need to learn it and the fastest way of learning good and effective English is by Uni Pathway courses. These Uni pathway courses Canberra will help you in developing the skills of reading, writing and speaking English. Also these courses will help you in enhancing your English language skills which will help you in getting a better career prospects in future. This will help you in achieving the heights of success in your business and will automatically open several other new opportunities for you.

Uni pathway courses comprises of two courses Access English preparation and Access English, they also have a standalone course for Access English which will help the students in getting the subjects of their choice and help them in their studies. Each of these courses are conducted twice in a year in order to provide students options to improve their English. 

·      Access English preparation: It is a 12 week course which mainly focuses on improving the students English language. Also the speaking proficiency so that they can have good grades in their academic courses. One can enhance his vocabulary in this course and also can gain critical thinking and problem solving skills. Helps in taking notes properly and also in taking participation in the discussions. These courses are offered to only selected students which are recommended by the universities.

·        Access English: It is a 10 week course which is a build up course which emphasis more on the research and tutorial skills of a student and has a better way of assessing the students. It also helps in building note taking and discussion abilities as well as helps you in effectively preparing the tutorials.