Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An overview of foundation programs

ANU foundation programs have become quite a popular option among aspiring students these days who wish to study and consequently settle in a country like Australia. These types of programs actually draw their inspirations from UK based foundation programs which are designed and developed with an objective of filling the gap that exists between the current qualifications levels and the knowledge that is required to get admission into a top quality Bachelor’s degree programs in the university or college of your choice. These programs are designed in such a manner that they easily complement any knowledge or qualification that you might find yourself lacking after having finished your high school. Another major benefit that these sorts of programs offer to students is that they acquaint students coming from different cultural, educational and societal backgrounds such as Asia and Africa to align their skills and knowledge to the country’s education system. This time period, therefore, helps such students adjust to the new environment in a much better manner.

Most of foundation programs offered at colleges like ANU are of a period of one year. However, you can also take up a 6 months intensive course. These types of programs are specifically available for those people who want to wrap up such courses in a short period of time. The programs are designed especially for foreign students who are not very much aware of the educational system of the new country they are arriving in. The programs include language courses for students belonging to nations which have language other than English as their main language. However, foundation courses for local students do not include language programs.

However, there are certain types of foundation courses which are pretty generic in nature. These types of programs are designed for the purpose of preparing students in the field of study they wish to make their careers. For instance, if you have plans to make a career in the field of business, fashion or photography, then you can take up a foundation course related to that particular field. In this way, you will be able to prepare yourself for a future degree program at the University of your Choice in the coming years. But what you need to be aware of is the fact that foundation program does not award you any degree. You will instead get a certificate upon completion of such courses which will be awarded by the ANU College.

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