Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How important studies are in one's life?

We all know the importance of being educated. From our childhood we have been told to study well, and then only we will become a good person or will be able to achieve something in our lives. Everyone gives importance to studies. We start our education from a age of 3 years and keep on studying till we start working somewhere. Even then also learning doesn't ends, as there is always something to learn but at that time we can call ourselves as an educated person.

Those have completed their high schools; will go to colleges to become a graduate. Some after that goes for even higher studies. Since we have several paths which we can choose during our education, which will define who will be become, the number of courses are increasing. 

Foundation fast track course Australia is also one such type of course, in which you will be preparing yourself for the ANU University. In this foundation fast track program held in Australia, they teaches you everything and boots your academics to a certain point which is required to get admissions in ANU university.

Foundation fast track course consists of two programs. One is the standard one consisting of only two semesters and then you will directly accepted in the university. Whereas the other foundation fast track course is the one with extended semester. Here students will be having three semesters instead of two and on qualifying all these semester they will be accepted in the university.

In the standard fast track course there will be nine subjects, students will be enrolled in the subjects of their choice so may they won't face any difficulty in the university and can easily go the path they want to. These semesters will be consisting of about twenty hours face to face classes per week and the rest of the time is given for completing their homework, doing their own study and assignments. They are eligible for second semester only when they will pass the entire first semester subject that too with an aggregate of 50% marks.
Second semester will be like the first semester having same number of hourly classes, only the subject will change and the passing aggregate will rise from 50 to 60%. In case of extended semester all the rules will be same like they were in the second semester. Once the students clear it, he will be eligible for ANU University.

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