Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The right foundation for your career

It is one thing to have knowledge and it is quite another thing to be able to apply that knowledge in your field of work. Getting into a university is every student’s dream because it helps you prepare for your work and the challenges that you would have to face. You learn how to apply the knowledge that you have gathered. And when it comes to universities, it is always better to rely on the best because apart from learning the quality of education also matters a lot. The best university in Australia is the Australian National University. It has been ranked as the top most university in the country and amongst the best in the world as well.

Entry into the best universities is always very competitive and so you have to seek out ways by which you can assure a place for yourself at ANU. One of the ways you can do this by applying to the ANU College. This is the pathway program provider which allows students to enroll for associate degree programs here in the college and after two semesters they can move on the university to complete their degree from the university. This is the foundation express in Australia and you would find that apart from helping you get admission into the best universities it also prepares you for the course of your choice. You would be able to brush up and work on your basics when you take part in a foundation course of this nature. For international students, this is also a very good opportunity to work on your English skills since it would make a monumental difference in your classes. You would be able to learn and understand the language in a much better way.

Students who take part in the foundation express course in Australia are able to get their subjects assigned as per the academic stream they would want to take up in their intended ANU degree program. In this way, you make sure that your foundation of knowledge is very strong and that you have the capability to work towards it with all your focus intact. There are about 20 hours of face to face class time per week along with assignments and homework given by the teachers to the students. It would be a period of immense learning for you and so you should make the most of it.

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